We Know What You Are Dealing With

Like many of you, TS Associates started as a small business, and we understand the need for small businesses to be able to keep startup costs low.  As a result, our entire business is structured to save you money without jeopardizing quality or customer service.

In the majority of cases, the cost of your publishing is determined by the length of the notice being published.  We work to construct your notices in a way that minimizes the overall size, while strictly adhering to each state’s publishing laws.
*  Our analysts constantly evaluate the costs involved in publishing to ensure that we offer fair, reasonable, and competitive prices.
*  Our pricing is all-inclusive, incorporating publisher’s costs and all state filing fees.

TS Associates’ commitment to methodology and process review has enabled us to introduce efficiencies that both improve our responsiveness and minimize opportunity for errors.  This means faster, more accurate, and less costly service for you, our customers.



quality2We believe that our track record of service excellence is unparalleled. We strive in everything that we do to demonstrate our commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations each and every day. This continues to be verified by feedback received directly from client staff. Our review process includes all of your forming documents, often resulting in our identifying mistakes in New York State’s Corporations Database that could affect your business downstream if not corrected.



responsivenessWe have a proven history of being able to successfully handle any volume of orders sent to us, and to meet or beat the turnaround time of other vendors. In addition, we offer personal customer service over the usage of automated phone systems.  Our trained staff is waiting to help you.

Reduced Risk

reduced_risk-peace_of_mindTS Associates is a known entity, and like many of our clients, our entire reputation lies in our belief that quality is supreme. We have an experienced team that informs you of pertinent information, so you can make better decisions. They are familiar with client expectations and state legislation, and share your commitment to excellence and customer service. We refuse to take shortcuts that could ultimately jeopardize your business!