Affordable Nassau LLC Publishing Service – $775*

Ensure your new business remains in good standing by satisfying all the NYS publishing requirements. *An additional $50 charge will apply if the entity has identified a Registered Agent.

Why hire TS Associates for your publishing needs?

  • Save time and money by using proven publishing services specifically for Nassau, NY
  • Relieve stress of meeting New York State LLC publishing requirements
  • Simple turnkey solutions take care of the entire process, from publishing through delivery of certificate of publication

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Why Do It Yourself When We Can Do It for Less?

Our pricing model is competitive when compared to managing your own publishing, even if your time was FREE! Benefit from our relationships and preferred pricing with local publishers in Nassau County. Our relationship with the NYS Department of State ensures that your LLC publishing gets done right the first time, avoiding expensive republishing costs.

Here is what is included for your $775.00 (for Nassau County):

  • Securing newspaper designations from the Nassau County Clerk.
  • Preparing your legal notice according to NYS statutes.
  • Running ads in both the daily and weekly papers and notifying you of the 6 week schedule.
  • Obtaining affidavits from daily and weekly papers according to state requirements.
  • Preparing and filing Certificate of Publication with Dept. of State.
  • Forwarding to you the State Receipt as evidence the publishing requirement was completed.