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53_Front_St_-_TS_AssociatesLocated in upstate New York, TS Associates is a premiere provider of LLC Legal Publishing services. Our company is founded on a culture of absolute commitment to outstanding performance, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, and these values are shared by each and every employee. Specializing in New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia and Nevada we have the staff and facilities to handle high volumes of publications, and our client feedback confirms the accuracy of our results.

TS Associates handles every order as if it’s our only order. We strictly adhere to each state’s laws and statutes, offer competitive pricing, and promote quality and customer service above all else. Most importantly, we work with our clients, Departments of State, County Clerks, Bar Associations, and our nationwide network of over 400 publishers to ensure that each order is processed quickly and accurately, with no surprises and no rejections.


Formed in 2006, TS Associates employs a staff with a combined 75 years of business experience, including business formation and legal publishing. Together, we have assisted over 50,000 small businesses in satisfying their respective state’s rigorous publishing requirements.

Our Team


Marie (Lisa) Dillon

Managing Partner

Marie has over 25 years of experience in the service industry, having worked for some of the largest incorporation, registered agent, and corporate compliance companies in the world. Her expertise extends through the full spectrum of business entities: from entrepreneurs and start-ups, to attorneys and law firms, to large corporations. Her commitment to quality serves as the model for every team member at TS Associates, and helps to define our corporate culture.


Mary Lawlor

Managing Partner

From the start, Mary’s vision for TS Associates has been to bring unparalleled customer service to our clients in every aspect of the business. Her 20 years of experience in retail and back office operations, combined with her Human Resources background, ensures that TS Associates provides the right skills at the right time. This translates to a responsive, highly efficient team with an absolute commitment to our clients’ success.


Steve Lawlor

Operations Manager

Prior to joining TS Associates, Steve spent over 20 years managing and delivering large-scale IT projects worldwide, to both commercial clients and government agencies. His technology background and years of experience in Operations Management helped to establish the platform on which TS Associates’ performs our day-to-day activities. This has resulted in automated, repeatable and streamlined systems and processes that maximize our clients’ success in satisfying state-mandated publishing requirements.

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