7 Keys to Developing Resilience

This article comes from Entrepreneur.

7 Keys to Developing Resilience

Resilience is our ability to survive and flourish through our traumas, stressors, responsibility shifts and challenges offered by life.

1. Self-Respecting

We cannot be self-respecting while counting or depending upon others for our sense of self-worth. To be resilient we must develop the ability to self-soothe when things get tough.

There are times we must fake it until we make it by continuing to operate with a sense of composure, regardless of our circumstances. When things are in a particularly stressful place we must tap into our will, motivation, and pliability to continue moving forward.

2. Driven

To be resilient we must care deeply about how we are received by others and our abilities to not only perform but to also connect emotionally. When we understand this, we will naturally be more driven, confident, emotionally intelligent. We are not needy, desperate or overly reactive.

We carry a relaxed attitude and view rejection as a new direction opportunity. We don’t get down when challenged, we commit to getting up. We do not depend upon others for our resources. We are passionate about our life and business goals and deliberate in pursuing our larger purpose.

We exemplify a complete commitment to the mission of living out our personal legend, not allowing outside influences to pull our thoughts away from our focus. We view risk as rewarding and provoking the expansion of our life aspirations.

Because of this, we are less afraid of failure and we are not afraid of success. We welcome and celebrate the results of our efforts and have learned to take great pride and joy in our journey, not just in our destination.

3. Discerning

To be exceptionally happy and successful in life it is wise that we be discerning of the company we keep and whom we choose to have relationships with. Negativity is drama-producing, so we must be mindful not to surround ourselves with those who come from arrogance, ego, and greed.

We must be mindful to secure mutually beneficial business and personal relationships. The resilient are keen on understanding that without mutually beneficial agreements nothing productive can manifest for either party in the relationship.

4. Tasteful

The resilient understand that those who are the loudest are also the least heard. When we are classy and tasteful in our approach to relationship and how we operate our business, we value the understanding of less is more. Hard work is signature to our approach to business, rather than the craving for public accolades. It is our steadfast modest nature which leads the way.

Because of this, our success shines all on its own merit. To be tasteful we are mindful to be intelligent in our speech, style, and posture because these subtleties communicate our sense of personal value. We are mindful to be well-spoken, elegant, graceful, charismatic, social and quietly infectious. Whenever and wherever we are present, it is our more understated qualities that set us apart from the rest.

5. Nurturing

It is part of a resilient person’s nature to do whatever it takes to get up in the morning to feed and nurture their children, their pets, partners, career and most importantly themselves. We make sure to exercise, eat well and get enough rest.

We balance our time so we can create a life-experience which is whole. We avoid working until we drop because we need time to nurture ourselves. Further, no matter the pain in our life we continue to work hard to support those who depend upon us from family to employees.

This is essential to us because nurturing what and who you are passionate about is a part of who we at our core. It is this nurturing nature that makes us great lovers and providers.

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