10 Questions to End Limitations for Entrepreneurs

This article comes from Entrepreneur.

10 Questions to End Limitations for Entrepreneurs

Your limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of keeping you in your comfort zone, where you will slowly suffocate to death.

The comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is the permeable barrier around your identity that acts as an invisible shield to keep out the debris of self-doubt that clouds your sense of purpose. It’s time to move beyond the haze and step into Power.

Old thought patterns are often heavy and distorted. Clinging to the remnants of stagnant beliefs is the failure to recognize that the easiest way to approach “self-improvement” is not shrinking and playing small, but expanding and playing your biggest game.

10 questions to help you identify your comfort zone and limiting beliefs:

  1. Where is my comfort zone with money, in my relationships, and with myself? (Think about the things you know you should do, but don’t).
  2. What beliefs about myself keep me “safe”?
  3. What was I told I “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” do as a kid?
  4. What am I subconsciously committed to being right about?
  5. What beliefs do I share with the majority of my family and friends?
  6. In what ways are my beliefs different than those of my family and friends?
  7. In what areas of life am I afraid to be wrong?
  8. What are some things about myself I’ve always thought to be true?
  9. In what ways can I detect outside ideas influencing my daily decisions?
  10. What would I do if I knew I absolutely could not fail?

Take your time to sit with these questions. Use them to distill the three most aggravating limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and your life. These beliefs will tell an entire story about how you got to where you are today.

Begin to unpack those beliefs and examine them. Start to notice the similarities and patterns between various limiting beliefs, and how those beliefs construct the walls of your comfort zone.

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