Traits That Set Influential People Apart

Influence can’t be achieved through intimidation or coercion. It comes from within – from a person’s ability to inspire and motivate those around them.

This article comes from Entrepreneur.

Traits That Set Influential People Apart

Do you have what it takes to inspire and influence others? Check out these traits to see if you have what sets influential people apart from the rest.

1. They act deliberately.

Influence doesn’t happen by magic; it comes through deliberate and intentional behavior and practices. Influential people move through life with purpose, conscious of their actions and of how others may perceive them.

They focus on ways to create the impact they wish to have and achieve the outcomes they are aiming for. They give constructive feedback and show appreciation for hard work.

2. They speak thoughtfully and listen.

They mean what they say. Influential people don’t engage in gossip or unfounded attacks on other people. They seek to rise above the petty.

To become influential, you must create clear and concise messages and make sure you are effectively communicating your ideas.

3. They take action.

Influential leaders aren’t afraid of taking risks or making decisions. They don’t allow themselves to become stuck or paralyzed by an unforeseen situation. They take action, move forward and find a way around roadblocks. They think before they speak, but they don’t hesitate to jump in when necessary.

They set up productive daily routines that help them stay focused on accomplishing their goals. But even when they’re acting spontaneously, they’re thinking strategically, ensuring they have a plan of action even in the midst of challenges and change.

4. They’re always learning.

Influential leaders are constantly learning and growing. They understand the importance of cultivating a mind that is open to new ideas and perspectives.

Knowledge can give you the tools to adapt to different situations and understand what’s going on around you. After all, knowledge is power and power is an influence.

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