The 3 Ways You Should Value the People Who Are Key to Your Business

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The 3 Ways You Should Value the People Who Are Key to Your Business

The true test of your values is having and living them — understanding what those values are, which ones are absolute, and which ones can evolve as you grow, listen to, and value others.

1. Culture

More than people living the values of the company and more than the mood of the organization, culture is the feel of the organization — or, more correctly, how its people make it feel, both individually and in teams. People are your greatest asset — strengths to be cultivated, not made to conform.

Great leaders don’t work alone, and they don’t claim all the glory for themselves. This requires skills many leaders find difficult to master:

  • Allowing your people to have the entrepreneurial independence to pur­sue and grow opportunities and possibilities while still demanding results
  • Aligning the values of the people who work for you with the values of the company so they share common goals
  • Listening — really listening — to your people and admitting when you’re wrong to create an environment of trust built on real relationships
  • Creating transparency by being open, honest, and vulnerable
  • Being decisive yet grounded by maintaining confidence through the chaos and uncertainty

2. Inclusivity

The Hero Factor is about all people, not just people like you. That means bringing everyone — all kinds of people and their different perspectives — to the proverbial table and allowing them to impact decisions, directions, and growth.

3. Giving back and more

How do you give back to your people, your community, and beyond? Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is the giving measured and directed?
  • Does it go beyond dollars?
  • How do you empower others in your organization to do and give more?
  • What will be the legacy you leave behind? What lasting impact will you have?

In the end, make sure you aren’t using what you can’t do as an excuse for not doing anything else. You need to challenge the way things have always been done, and you need to do it more than once.

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