6 Signs You’ve Found the Right Candidate

When you’re looking for new job candidates, there are tell-tale signs that you’ve found the right one.

This helpful article comes from Entrepreneur.

6 Signs You’ve Found the Right Candidate

Wonder whether a candidate you have in the pipeline is the right fit? Think about whether or not they exhibit these six signs — if so, they might just be the one you’ve been waiting for.

1. They know their stuff

Informed candidates — those who have done their research on your company and the position in advance — make for high-quality hires.

You know you’ve found high-quality hires when:

  • The candidate comes to their interview with knowledge about the company
  • The candidate is eager to learn more about products and customers
  • The candidate shows that they know the mission statement, core values, and history of the company

2. You can sense their enthusiasm

The right candidate will be interested in your company and will reveal that in their body language and tone of voice.

Candidates like this:

  • Take pride in their previous work
  • Are interested in the work they could do in this new role

3. They’re honest

Recruiters often talk about the “perfect” candidate, but the truth is, every candidate will have some flaws. The truly phenomenal ones, though, will own up to it.

The right candidate should be open about his/her weaknesses and has the ability to be self-aware.

4. They communicate quickly and clearly

A candidate who is quick to respond shows they’re eager to join the organization.

You’ll want to look for a candidate who shows a prompt response to an interview or presentation, whether it’s a phone call, video call, or an in-person meeting.

5. The interview flows perfectly

If the interview feels less like an interrogation and more like a conversation, that’s a good sign.

Yes, you want the candidate to answer your questions, but you want it to be painless during the process, with a healthy back and forth.

6. They bring ideas to the table

Although it’s true you want to see a record of success, you also want the right candidate to be able to bring ideas of what they can bring to the table of their new role.

The candidate should come to the interview with solid ideas on how they can improve their role, which will should they understand their role well.

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