3 Questions to Answer About Your Brand

Are you looking to make your brand stand out? Answer these 3 questions from Entrepreneur.

The 3 Questions You Must Answer to Make Your Brand Stand Out

The goal of brand positioning is to create a unique impression in a potential buyer’s mind so that the buyer associates something specific and desirable with your brand that is different from your competitors.

To figure out how you can stand out from the crowd, you need to ask yourself three questions.

1. How do I make my offer unique?

Avoid being like everyone else. One of the first things to stop doing is telling your buyers what everyone else is. Saying you’re “the best” at something doesn’t mean much is everyone is saying it. Discover your uniqueness by focusing on:

  • Who you are
  • What you offer your customers/clients
  • Where you offer your product
  • Why you offer this product to people
  • When your product can be offered
  • How you offer your product to others

2. Is my unique offer compelling?

Once you’ve discovered how you can make your offer unique, it is time to discover which of those offers your customers would prefer. Do your customers value what makes you different?

Your offer needs to be something potential buyers care about. You can do this by:

  1. Solving a problem for your potential customer
  2. Solve their problem by creating a real, tangible benefit to them

3. How do I make people believe my unique offer?

For your offer to convince people, you need to provide proof that it will deliver results.

  • Testimonials – Potential buyers can benefit by seeing people like them getting results from your offer.
  • Get Specific – Don’t compromise your product by not being specific enough about what you’re offering. “We offer fast shipping” is not enough anymore.
  • Free Trials – This method is perfect if your offer is subscription based. Let your clients/customers try your product out before they commit.
  • Guarantee – If you’re confident in your product, you will do what it takes to prove it works. A money-back brings fence-sitters over onto your side.

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