5 Easy Ways to Maintain Greater Focus in Your Life

How do we keep our vision focused to make sure we’re still pursuing the right dream? Here’s how.

Whenever we get in slumps, it can feel like there’s no viable place to take our passion or our drive. It can feel like what we want to do doesn’t really matter–even when we take on everything in our path to make it work.

If we start feeling discouraged, how do we maintain direction? How do we keep our vision focused to make sure we’re still pursuing the right dream?

Check out these 5 ways to get your life back on track. You’ll start feeling the change immediately.

1. Breathe

Everybody says this, but not everyone remembers to do it. When things feel out of control, it’s incredibly useful to take a step back, re-center yourself, and take a deep breath. Instead of getting lost in everyone else’s humdrum, figure out what’s important to you, and find your path again.

2. Talk with others

It’s easy to get lost in our own heads, especially when they’re bogged down by negative thoughts or unwelcome emotions. Taking the time to externalize all that you’re feeling to other people–those that are close to you, of course–lets you get an outside opinion, one that might offer a perspective different from your own.

3. Narrow the things you love

When we lose focus, it’s often because we’re strung out across many different desires and passions, unsure of where we really want to take our talents. Sitting down, making a list, and truly narrowing down the things you’re actually passionate about from hobbies that distract you, or vaguely hold your interest, is a useful tactic to help refocus the direction of your life.

4. Find things to look forward to

The most dangerous part of feeling directionless, or of having no real concrete plan, is that it can be difficult to find things you can look forward to. What many people don’t realize, however, is that we create our own rewards. We all have things we need to get done–so it only makes sense to decide how we decide to reward ourselves for maintaining that focus along the way.

5. Enjoy the discovery

Perhaps the most crucial part of keeping our lives focused is enjoying the process–no matter how hard, how trying, or how pointless it may feel. Know that every step of the way, you’re getting closer to achieving your dream, whatever it may be. You just have to keep pushing.

This article was originally published at Inc.com.