3 Keys to Getting a Job In a Competitive Industry

In today’s world, any career-field is a competitive industry. This article that TS Associates found on Entrepreneur addresses the key factors to landing a job in a competitive industry.

3 Keys to Getting a Job In a Competitive Industry

Due to my background, the most common question asked of me is, “How do I get a job in sports?” Most people believe that getting a job in the sports industry, my area of expertise, is next to impossible. They commonly think sports are one of the most hyper-competitive spaces or verticals that exist, and that getting a job is a massive undertaking. They are taking the wrong perspective.

The first step in getting a job in a competitive industry is to understand and alter the way you currently look at things. By doing so, your perspective will change, which will help you internalize the fact that the sector of your choice is (likely) a multibillion-dollar industry.

How could it be impossible or even overly competitive to get a job in a sector where there are thousands of people currently working and billions of dollars spent? Like other top jobs in any field or vertical, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, journalist or what have you, they are all competitive career fields.

Traits of success in career pursuits

So, what should you do in order to get the job that you aspire to land? Well, there are three traits you need to have in order to be successful in your pursuit. First and foremost, there needs to be a persistent desire in order to get a job, which is something we commonly see in the sports industry.

Most people that are in the top echelon of any business sector are deemed to be “lucky.” The truth is, it requires a tremendous amount of desire and persistence in order to be successful in any vertical, whether it is sports or not. Most people that are in the sports field would tell you they have sacrificed and worked for much less money, worked more hours and have done menial tasks just to get their foot in the door and prove themselves.

Making this sacrifice is something that is common across all industries, and you need to be prepared to make it.

More than desire

The real secret to getting a job is not only to have the desire because most people already have a love, passion and inspiration for their vocation of choice. It’s truly the development of two more things that make a massive impact on your capabilities. The next one of these traits that one must develop are the requisite skills for success.

Whether you want to be an athlete, journalist, doctor, lawyer, business person or entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter. Whatever field you are striving to enter, you will need skills that enable you to execute the tasks you are given. Just as a carpenter without tools is not going to be hired to be a carpenter, a sports fan with no applicable skills is probably not going to be hired by a sports organization.

You need to consistently practice your skills, and by doing so, your energy will shift dramatically. This is due to not only your conscious being affected but your subconscious as well, which is the holding of your neural pathways. The energy shift caused by gaining this knowledge allows you to change your perspective upon entering your chosen field. This allows you to broaden your view and utilize the power of intention in your pursuit. Being prepared is key, and whatever title you choose to hold, in sports or not, you will need the skills to get the job done.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Finally, the last component you need to possess is knowledge. How do we attain the knowledge necessary for success a given field? Well, you do so by being more interested than interesting. This is simply done by utilizing all the different data points and content that are available to us and, most importantly, being humble enough to ask for help. Knowledge is closely tied to radical humility, and you need to be able to ask for help in order to get the job that you desire.

Asking for help and acceleration

It is important to take the perspective that every single person that works in your desired field felt just like you at some point. They didn’t know how to begin and felt it was inconceivably competitive, if not impossible to get a job.

Most people are more than willing to help you accelerate your career in whatever field you choose, you just need to acknowledge that you need help and ask for it.

Service and providing value

All in all, in order to obtain a position in a desirable field, not only must you have an incredible desire and a persistent love for this industry, but you need to hone in and consistently develop the skills of the trade you want to do within that sector, and you need to ask for help so that you are able to acquire the knowledge needed. Of course, not only do we ask for help, but we are always of service to see how much value that we can provide to others, and therefore, will provide value to us.

Working on these traits and focusing on the importance of service will not only help you to get a job that fits your skills and desires but will help you better enjoy the pursuit of your potential.


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