We’re Here When You Need Us

Recently, we received a call from a client that had published with us in 2012.  They were in the final steps of obtaining a business loan, and the bank was looking to confirm that they were a business in Good Standing with New York State.  While sitting in the bank’s loan office, they contacted us looking for a copy of their Certificate of Publication, which would provide the bank with evidence that they had, in fact, successfully satisfied NY’s LLC publishing requirements.  Within minutes, we were able to e-mail them a copy of their Filing Receipt.

As a business, you can’t always predict when someone will inquire into your Good Standing status.  As with the company above, it could be a small business loan, or it could be during the purchase of property.  Regardless of your situation, TS Associates is here to help when you need us.  We maintain all of your publishing records safely and securely, for as long as you need them.