Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Stressed - LLC PublishingStress.  Just thinking about the word can cause hot flashes, worry and a sinking feeling.  It is an inevitable trait in the workplace, especially in owning a company.  Stress is often associated with one word: busy.  Whether you are too busy or not busy enough, each brings about a different set of anxieties that you are suddenly forced to deal with.  As a small business owner, it is logical to think that you will be strained both physically and emotionally, as the success of your business largely (or solely) relies on you.  Follow these tips to manage and eliminate stress, and overall create a better balance between work and life.

Too Busy?

Some people don’t automatically associate being too busy with having a problem.  But the fact is that the busier you are, the more responsibilities you have, which puts you under more stress to get things done on time and efficiently.  The first thing you should do?  Delegate.  You hired employees for a reason; trust that they can get the job done, or find someone that can.  Stay organized, and understand who is doing what, but the more you can delegate, the better off you will be in case something happens and you need to be away from the office.  This way, things won’t fall apart if you are away for a day.

Just because you own the business doesn’t mean you need to be there every second of every day.  Understand that there comes a time when you just need to go home.  Taking regulated breaks will clear your head, and keep you from becoming burnt out.  Try to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night (meaning, turn off your phone!), and do things outside of the office with family or friends.  Your business won’t fail if you step away for two hours, or a night, or a day.  You’re much more likely to come in the next day with a sharp focus and a breath of fresh, new ideas.  Want more info?  Try these related links:

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Not Busy Enough?

Waiting for the phone to ring?  A watched pot will never boil.  It’s easy to feel frustrated when business is slow, but this is a great time to keep developing your business.  Discuss new marketing strategies to promote, iron out wrinkles in advertising, or brainstorm new types of informational sessions to get your business out there.  Focus on what’s working, and branch out from there.  Go back to projects you brushed aside because you didn’t have time, and decide if they are something worth investing into.  Make sure your training handbooks and references are still up-to-date and useful.  Overall, use this downtime to your advantage, and find new ways for your business to flourish.