Finding the Perfect Image for Your Company

llc publishing - logo design toolsThere are many decisions you will have to make as a new business owner, but one of the most important may be choosing a logo.  Though it may seem insignificant, the time spent to carefully select a logo is well worth the investment.  This one image will capture the essence of your company, and is a single word or picture that will directly relate to your new business.  When starting to select a logo, it can be overwhelming and difficult, but if you keep these simple steps in mind, you leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Follow Your Gut

Once you choose a logo, you will see it EVERYWHERE.  Make sure it is something you love, that isn’t trendy, and will stand the test of time.  Hopefully your new company will be around for many years, so choose something that will still be in style ten, twenty, or thirty years from now.  Otherwise, it can appear to clients that you and your business are outdated.  Most importantly, this is something you are going to look at daily, so make sure it is something that you enjoy.  Remember, often times your company will be shortened to just the logo, (for example, the Golden ‘M’ of McDonald’s), so it needs to be an image you like.

Though it must be visually appealing, your logo must also capture the concentration of your company.  In many circumstances, this is the first impression consumers will get of your company, so it must represent what and who you are as a business.  For example, if you were a florist, it wouldn’t make sense for your logo to be a picture of a spaceship.  Decide what you want to communicate to your customers.  Do you want an image with clean lines and geometrical shapes, showing you are efficient and effective, or one with bright colors and shapes, demonstrating a more creative and abstract business?  Describe yourself accurately so you attract the right customers, and don’t accidentally drive away the customers you are looking for.  Make it simple, and eliminate the confusion.

Pay the Big Bucks to Get the Big Reward

There are many things that people don’t think of when choosing a logo.  This is something that will go on items of various sizes, so you need an image that will translate well.  The image needs to be in focus on both a business card, and on a billboard.  Make sure it faxes clear when trying to send documents and your contact information is legible.  The easiest way to do this is to use a professional.  They have the most information and experience in creating a logo perfect for your company.  It can be expensive to hire a graphic designer, but the end result will be worth it.