Hiring Employees: The Secret Keys to Making Sure Your Business is Headed for Success

Hiring New Employees - LLC PublishingThe key to a successful business lies within its staff.  A ship can’t run with just a captain; it depends wholeheartedly on a strong crew to sail correctly.  How do you ensure that your employees will guide your business to success?  It all starts with the hiring process. There should be many requirements that you follow when hiring your employees, both in personal and legal matters.  Follow these three steps, and you will be one step closer to having a successful business.

1.  Happy Office, Happy Business

Ever hear the phrase, “Happy Wife, Happy Life?” The same applies to your business staff.  The better your employees get along, the easier the road to success will be.  Gone will be petty personal problems, and personality conflicts, and more time can be spent on ironing out business difficulties.  You should look to hire people who would get along with each other, and with those already employed.  Avoid prima donnas!  Those who can communicate efficiently and resolve conflict in a peaceful manner will be much more able to focus on the business itself.  Look for people who have strong communication skills, the willingness to learn, and who seem honest and loyal.  Technical skills can be learned, personality skills cannot.

2.  Test, Test, Test!

When hiring a new employee, don’t rely solely on your instincts.  People often lie or exaggerate on resumes, and many are good at faking their way through an interview.  The best way to make sure your employee is in good standing is to perform a variety of checks and tests on them (many of which have potential legal ramifications).  During the interview, you may want to make interviewees sign off on allowing you to get a background check, obtain education credentials, and drug-testing, both now and randomly when throughout their employment.  If this isn’t enough, many companies are now requiring employees to undergo psychological testing, skill and aptitude tests, and even handwriting analysis.  To avoid getting scammed, look into testing firms that have been in business for over twenty years and have a high positive rating.  Check this link for more advice.

3.  Legal Beagle

Above all else, make sure you and you business are protected when hiring new workers.  Follow all laws, both federal and pertinent to your state, and make sure you know your boundaries.  Know what you are allowed to ask in an interview, and what is considered racism or discrimination.  Avoid certain topics such as sexual orientation, race, children, and ancestry.  Don’t do an interview alone; always make sure you have at least one other person present, just in case something goes wrong and it turns into your word against theirs.  If necessary, or if you are unsure about what is or isn’t legal, consult legal counsel.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, and the last thing a new business needs is a lawsuit.