Disaster Recovery- It’s All in The Planning!

disasterllcDisasters often times have a devastating impact on a city, its people, and also its businesses.  The disasters can range across a variety of types, encompassing weather, technology, and human behavior.  You only have to turn to the news to see wildfires in Colorado, storms in the Northeast, and flooding in the central United States.  With the presence of hurricane season now (roughly June-October), businesses throughout the country should be aware of what to expect, how to prepare, and what actions to take when disaster strikes.  The key to being prepared regardless of the size of your company is to develop a thorough disaster recovery plan.

Disaster recovery plans (DRPs) can assume all shapes and sizes, and can be comprised of multiple chapters and components.  No one plan is right for every company.  Below are links to multiple sites that discuss various aspects of DRPs, but the common themese that most DRP experts say are essential to the long-term success of your company include:

  • Start planning NOW.  Anticipate potential business risks and plan efforts to minimize the impacts of a possible disaster.  Consider the most likely events first, and attempt to quantify potential damage to your business.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Not only within your company, but also across your vendors, suppliers, and contractors.  Disasters don’t just affect you, but also all companies and individuals with whom you interact.  Ensure your partner companies also have plans in place, and consider e-mail, social media, and emergency contact lists for managing an event.
  • Protect your data.  One of the primary causes of a small business failure is a corruption or loss of business critical data.
  • Test your plan.  A plan is only as good as your ability to execute it, so do some simulations or dry runs to see what works and adjust what doesn’t.
  • Expand your plan as your business grows.  Just because your DRP supports your business today, doesn’t mean it will handle all aspects of your company as you become bigger and better.  Evaluate your plan periodically, and modify it as necessary.

For more tips on developing your business’ disaster recovery plan, check out these links: