Financial Habits, TS Associates

The 7 Financial Habits of the Most Successful Small Business Owners

For the first time ever, there is data to clearly illustrate seven financial habits of highly effective small business owners. Based on a comprehensive study of 1,700 small business owners in the U.S., fewer than one in four owners of small businesses currently adopt all seven financial habits. Those who follow the best practices consistently outperform other small […]

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Raise On Hold, TS Associates

When Will I Get a Raise?

Your next big raise? Don’t hold your breath, some economists say. According to research collected by Paul Davidson at USA Today, many economists are starting to suspect that the forces that once drove both wages and prices higher in a virtuous cycle may no longer apply, or at least could be muted for a prolonged […]

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Why Quality Over Quantity Matters When You’re Scaling a Business

Be careful not to become the kind of owner afflicted with “shiny object syndrome.” Most entrepreneurs, from the time they start their business, think about the prospect of scaling. Scaling is the necessary path to improve profitability, expand your reach and solidify your long-term prospects. So, no matter what your main motivation is for becoming an entrepreneur, […]

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Positive Work Environment Tips, Albany, NY

3 Reasons Why Positive Work Environments Are More Productive

Ever wondered why some businesses are more productive? A positive work environment may be the answer. As CEOs, business owners and professionals, we’re always looking for new ways to be more productive. When we’re able to operate at maximum efficiency, we can get more done, achieve our goals faster and create strong foundations for our […]

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6 Job Search Tips That Are So Basic People Forget Them

The irony of job search advice: There’s so much available that you don’t have to spend more than four seconds Googling before you land on some nugget of wisdom or another. Yet, at the same time, there’s so much available (some of which completely contradicts other advice you’ll find) that it can easily overwhelm you. […]

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Team Building Business Tips, Albany, NY

How To Build A Small Business Team

Are you wondering how to build a small business team, with unique individuals to help your start up? In the startup deadline world, to think consistently about the nuances of a growing and hardworking team can be challenging. We don’t think about the everyday aspects of working as a team — after all, seeing beyond […]

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How to Find the Most Passionate Employees

What does it mean to be a passionate employee, and how do you find these people? Patreon co-founder Jack Conte gave a stirring talk at TED 2017. He shares how his artist crowdfunding platform created such a passionate workplace One of the most passionate talks at TED was from Patreon co-founder Jack Conte. The newly revamped platform helps artists get millions of dollars in monthly […]

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How To Know When You Need A Mental Health Day

Madalyn Parker, a web developer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, emailed her colleagues to say she’d be using two sick days to focus on her mental health. The company’s CEO, Ben Congleton, responded by thanking her for helping “cut through the stigma of mental health.” Parker shared his positive response on Twitter and the story has gone […]

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