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Five Ways To Demonstrate Leadership In Times of Crisis

There are going to be times in your journey as a leader when you invariably feel like every decision you take is turning out to be incorrect. Nothing seems to work the way it’s supposed to. Your competency and the belief in your own abilities – the two pillars of your success – seem to […]

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Why is social responsibility important to a business?

Social responsibility is important to a business because it demonstrates to both consumers and the media that the company takes an interest in wider social issues that have no direct impact on profit margins. These issues may be local, national or global, but a concern for the health and wellness of others that does not […]

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Counting every minute? You may want to rethink that.

A new Stanford study graphically illustrates what productivity mania is doing to your body. Life is short and busy. If you want to make both a good living and time to enjoy life’s pleasures, time management seems like an obvious solution. Keeping track of how you spend your minutes and thinking more scientifically about how […]

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‘I Hate Your Customer Service (But I’ll Never Tell You That)’

When a customer complains to you about your customer service or another aspect of your operation, think of it as catching a lucky break, even though it doesn’t feel that way. I know it’s uncomfortable to hear a customer complain, to know that you’ve given that customer a reason to complain, but there’s cause to be grateful when a […]

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