Avoid Decision-Making Mistakes – Start A Decision Log

Do you see any of these decision-making problems at your work? Decisions take too long. Decisions don’t involve the right people. Decisions are not data-driven. Decisions are not communicated consistently. Decision execution fails from poor follow-through. If so, you not alone. Decision-making mistakes and inefficiencies happen again and again in business, damaging 20% of manager […]

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Customer Service And The Insurance Industry: Best Practices We All Can Learn From

Customer service. Insurance industry. If these two concepts don’t seem like they go together, maybe you haven’t thought it through. As a customer service consultant, I’ve long felt that the insurance industry has specific features that make customer service—or “client service,” if you prefer–essential for success.  First, there’s the intangible nature of the insurance product.  Insurance expenditures are, if […]

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4 Reasons to Add Consulting to Your List of Services

Less than half of companies worldwide even have a website. There is a lot of demand for what you know. The consulting industry is a $39-billion-dollar-a-year opportunity for entrepreneurs but it’s pretty untapped. All over the world there are companies willing to pay you for sharing the knowledge you have acquired building your business but there isn’t […]

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